Rustic antique dough bowl with metal repairs and carved handle
Vintage wooden dough bowl showing authentic patina and character.
Decorative dough bowl with rustic charm and time-worn aesthetic."
Antique dough bowl, perfect for farmhouse-inspired decor
Vintage dough bowl, ideal for displaying fruit and foliage
Rustic wooden bowl with historical significance and charm.
Antique dough bowl showcasing age and craftsmanship.
Vintage dough bowl with carved handle for easy handling.
Rustic wooden bowl, a unique statement piece for the home
Antique dough bowl with rich patina, perfect for collectors.
Vintage dough bowl, adding warmth and character to any space.
Rustic wooden bowl, a conversation starter in any room.
Antique dough bowl, a blend of history and functionality."

Rustic Antique Wooden Dough Bowl

JC0959 SKU: JC0959

Rustic Antique Wooden Dough Bowl

JC0959 SKU: JC0959
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Introducing a Rustic Antique Dough Bowl, a timeless piece steeped in history and brimming with character. Passed down through generations, these bowls were originally cherished for their functionality in proving dough, offering both protection from drafts with their high sides and retaining the heat essential for yeast activation.

  • Reinforced with metal repairs for enhanced durability
  • Boasts an authentic patina, showcasing its age and history
  • The carved handle adds visual interest

This rustic antique dough bowl is perfect for those seeking unique decorative items with a sustainable edge. Crafted from solid wood, it offers a refreshing departure from mass-produced furnishings.

Whether displayed as a statement centerpiece or styled with fruit, foliage, linens, or magazines, this versatile piece adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to any home. Ideal for homeowners who appreciate the beauty of vintage decor and seek to infuse their spaces with a sense of history and character.

Width 59 cm x Depth 49 cm x Height 19 cm

In good condition with wear and tear appropriate for age and use including authentic metal repairs which really add to it’s charm.

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